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LENA DAVIS is a practitioner in aspects of Psychiatry and applied Philosophy and specialises in therapies for people with learning disabilities and emotional problems. She is also an authority on spiritual, faith and religious needs, particularly in the area of learning disability.

For over thirty years Lena has pioneered the use of art and music therapies to enrich the lives of people in hospitals, schools and Day Centres. Spreading out into all aspects of arts based therapies, Lena has led the way in bringing happiness and harmony (in every sense of the word) into the lives of vulnerable people. She is Director of Children’s Aid Team which is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with learning disabilities, their families and carers.

Lena’s interest in the therapeutic value of music and the arts stems from her own creative experiences as a photographer, (adjudicator for Greater London Arts) artist and song writer.

She initially co-produced the double platinum Number One hit record "Tell Laura I Love Her" and went on to compose for television, stage and many performers including Ricky Valance and Joe Brown.

Studies in Psychiatry, Philosophy, Sociology and Comparative Religions have reinforced Lena’s journey as a therapist and, through her writings as a journalist, she in turn has contributed much to the ongoing development of debate in these areas, recognising the importance of sharing ideas, expertise and insight. She has been editor for Mind Matters and Sky’s The Limit! And has written for such varied magazines and newspapers as The Independent, Community Care, Therapy Weekly, Kindred Spirit, Stage, Healing Today, Counselling News, Psychic News, Dogs Monthly, Gay News, Toys Monthly and Yoga Today.



As a Founder and Director of the Caring and Sharing Trust, Caroline has combined her knowledge and experience of working for people with learning disabilities together with her inner calmness and natural empathy for their families and carers. She has developed a unique brand of support for people in crisis and grief or suffering from depression or anxiety. She is an accredited Counsellor with the British School of Counselling.


Caroline’s original career as a singer, dancer and actress included performing on stage and television as one of the famous Sixties Tiller Girls. She went on to star in cabaret and musicals from Monte Carlo to the West End of London including the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.


In the late seventies Caroline became a volunteer at the then Friern Barnet hospital in London and went on to utilise her talents as a performer to teach people with learning disabilities and behavioural problems the joys of singing, dancing and performing. She created a specialized dance studio and Day Centre in North London, working alongside Social Services.


On moving to Northamptonshire Caroline helped create the Caring & Sharing Trust at the same time as fostering two young men with Downs Syndrome. This has helped her to understand at first hand the many trials, tribulations and pleasures experienced by families and carers.

Caroline’s work has been complimented and enhanced by her experience in Tibetan Buddhism, meditation techniques and Tonglen healing. Through "Shine a Light on Tibet" Caroline has championed Compassion in Action and, with the personal support of the Dalai Lama and his representatives in the United Kingdom, she plays an important role in the pursuit of freedom and happiness for the people of Tibet so as to ensure the continuation of the Tibetan Buddhist lineage.


Caroline is a prolific writer for publications all over the World. In this Country they include the Sunday Times, Healing Today, Counselling News, etc.



John was born in 1962 and, as a son of the Bishop of Malmsbury, his childhood years were naturally steeped in Church life. His home in Bristol was a hive of visiting dignitaries and Bishops, a young Terry Waite a family friend.

John’s working life has been spent helping others through the Voluntary Sector and his father was always pleased to point out similarities in their ‘pastoral’ roles.

After graduating, with Honours, from the University College of Wales Aberystwyth, John moved to Northamptonshire as an Officer with the Rural Community Council, helping and supporting groups in villages to improve their communities and encourage community initiatives.

John was a Founder of Mushroom Lifecare Trust, a Day Centre for adults with learning disabilities, before joining Cotton’s Farmhouse where, since 1990, he has been heavily involved in developing facilities for people with learning disabilities. He is Director of M.H.R.C.

John is an expert in evolving Therapies and developing Training Strategies, Mediation, Advocacy and Assessment, as well as Accounting for Charities.


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