Saving Faith


Saving Faith UK aims to identify and meet the spiritual and religious needs of people with learning disabilities, enriching their lives and opening the door to new possibilities

Art and Soul These therapy sessions help people with learning disabilities to explore and express their faith and spirituality through art, music, singing, poetry and guided contemplation.

The “Choir of Angels” is composed of people with severe learning disabilities who, together with staff/therapists, regularly give performances of uplifting music to audiences from schools, hospitals, day centres and care homes.

New Developments – Building on the success of Art and Souls and the Choir of Angels, Saving Faith UK is developing a number of new initiatives designed to further ensure that the spiritual and religious needs of people with learning disabilities are met. These include:-

Celebration Days at Cotton’s Farmhouse will develop and extend the work of the Choir of Angels to include celebrations of the great religious festivals in word and song.

Faith Network Saving Faith UK will create a network of contacts in different faith and religious groups so that anyone with a learning disability who wants the opportunity to do something as simple as going to a place of worship and be a valued part of a congregation can be put in touch with someone near them who can help to organise and facilitate this. And if, because of someone’s specific disability, more help is needed – the Caring & Sharing Trust can put wheels in motion to find solutions.

Expert’s Panel The expert’s panel has already attracted representatives from different faiths and religious traditions, as well as people with learning disabilities and health care professionals. Quite simply, the panel will use its collective expertise to explore all the ways in which the faith need of people with learning disabilities can be met, identifying barriers and finding solutions.

Training Alongside the Network and Expert’s Panel, Caring and Sharing will provide training courses and seminars.

  • Training for staff in day centres, residential homes, supported living, hospitals, etc to make sure that the spiritual and faith needs of people with learning disabilities are properly considered.

  • Training for members of congregations, who may never have met someone with a learning disability, so that they are more aware of their special needs and better placed to overcome any barriers to welcoming them into the congregation.



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