Family Support

Providing support the whole family is at the heart of the Caring & Sharing philosophy of care.  Parents and relatives of people with learning disabilities can feel extremely isolated and are often left alone to deal with emotional as well as practical issues. 

Someone to talk to: The opportunity to talk to someone who understands can be extremely important.  This is true in times of crisis, when there is a need to be signposted to specialist services, or just for a reassuring chat.  Caring and Sharing provides this down to earth support by phone or visits to Cotton’s Farmhouse.


Counselling:  For more complex emotional issues Caring and Sharing can provide the services of a trained counsellor and are happy to help even when the problem doesn’t directly involve the person with a learning disability.


Involving the whole family: Inviting parents and relatives to functions and performances, sending them photos, and sharing their child’s achievements are just a few of the simple things that Caring & Sharing tries to do as often as possible.  


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