Children’s Aid Team’s new project to use all it’s experience to inspire others and encourage people to start their own initiatives is off to a flying start with the Transitions Summit in Northamptonshire.

Through meeting together with people who have learning disabilities, carers, parents, and agencies and organisations from social care, health, and education, ideas and good practice can be spread far and wide. Children’s Aid Team continues to be an important part of the transitions initiative,  highlighting possibilities for children with learning disabilities when they leave school.

For presentations, Children’s Aid Team has developed a new ‘click-stop’ technique with still photography and music which is proving to be a particularly useful medium for people with learning disabilities as it holds and focusses attention. It is also an ideal way of presenting ideas and information to those with severe learning disabilities and poor communication and cognitive skills.

It is important to make sure that those with learning disabilities are encouraged to take part in all aspects of the project, learning new skills and opening up new possibilities along the way.

This project is all about ensuring that the various programmes developed by Children’s Aid Team - gardening - animals - sound and music - etc - not only continue to flourish but at the same time are used to inspire other groups throughout the country to put together their own initiatives for children with learning disabilities. 

Pictured above is part of the “Getting to Know You” presentation which highlights projects like Children’s Aid Team’s long established work with puppetry.

Creating the ‘click stop’ presentations has involved people with learning disabilities putting many of the skills they develop into practical use. Pictured right is a photo-shoot with the Mayor of Northampton in the gardens at Cotton’s Farmhouse Centre.




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